About Me
I am a young, (mostly) stay at home mom of 2, a sweet baby girl (Little Miss) and rambunctious little boy (Monster Man). I work part time as a nanny for a wonderful family. I love to cook, be a mom, a friend and a wife. Nothing pleases me more than time with my family. I love to read, be outdoors, camp and eat (goes with the cooking :) ). I'm a Twilight Fan and an even bigger Vampire Academy fan. I love mystery books, cook books, romance novels, young adult books and reading Dr Seuss to Monster Man & Little Miss. I am addicted to cook books/magazines (LOVE Rachel Ray), cute clothes (and shoes!) & couponing. I'm also learning to live a simpler life - less possessions, more memories!

About My Couponing
I have been couponing for a couple months following other blogs and have been getting more and more extreme (although I don't clear the shelves!) I'm working on my families stock pile and still buying our normal weekly groceries for $50/wk. We are a brand picky family, which means it can be hard to do the shopping, and some times we go with out. If its not on sale or I don't have a coupon for it, we no longer buy it - the exception to this is fresh fruits & veggies (and pet food but I'll get to that later). The more I save on groceries, the more fresh things I can buy, and with how I love to cook and how Monster Man likes to eat, fresh fruits and veggies are a necessity! 

I don't have the time (or energy) to shop at multiple stores so I only shop at a couple, which my blog reflects. I personally love to shop at Fred Meyers, Target and Albertsons (when they release Twice the Value Coupons). I will find amazing deals at those 3 stores. I will occasionally post deals for other stores, Winco, Safeway, Rite-Aid & Walgreen's; but only if its a REALLY good deal. My goal is to simplify life and simplify couponing, which means shopping at 1 or 2 stores, still getting a great deal and be as stress-free as possible.

About My Blog
I started this blog track my progress as a couponer, show how I'm saving my family of 7 (4 people and 3 pets!) money, to share deals and teach others how to stretch their budget! 

Contact Me
Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at coupon.georgia (@) yahoo.com