Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Totally awesome giveaway!!

Kamieo Photography ( is doing a fabulous give away with cuddle of the loom which has FABULOUSLY cute legwarmers!!

For more details and to enter go to Kamieo's Blog:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Changes coming to Albertsons Twice The Value Coupons!!!

A HUGE Thanks to Queen Bee Coupons for letting us know about this:
It wasn’t long after I posted What’s going on with Albertsons Doublers? when I got the official answer from Albertsons via e-mail this morning.
Here is an excerpt from the e-mail from corporate SUPERVALU –
We’re really excited that so many shoppers are enthusiastic about our Twice the Valuecoupons at certain Albertsons (IMW) locations, and we’ve seen a significant increase in shoppers who are using them.
Unfortunately, we’ve seen many people taking advantage of this special offer, so we’ve decided to stop providing extra inserts at our store locations. As of July 17th, the only way to have access to the promotional inserts that include our Twice the Value coupons will be to purchase a Sunday newspaper. I want to make it clear that we’re still offering and honoring our Twice the Value coupons, but to limit the number of shoppers who are using more than three in any given shopping trip we will not have extra coupons at our store locations.
Our stores in Montana and Wyoming have a historically low redemption rate of our special Twice the Value coupons, so in these specific markets we’ve decided discontinue offering our special savings inserts in Sunday newspapers as well. Since shoppers in these stores don’t appear to be finding value in these coupons, we’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to try new ways to share savings and value with our customers.
I know that many of you were not “taking advantage” or abusing the doublers and now you will have to purchase a paper or get a newspaper subscription to get your doublers. Sucks. I know. But I did hear horror stories of people going in and grabbing stacks of 20-4o doubler sheets from customer service and this completely goes against the intent of the promotion.
It is a bummer for the average consumer who wants to save a measly $3 with doublers and now has to spend $1 on a paper. It does make the doubler a little bit of an elitist promotion, right? If it’s not available for you unless you get the paper. I’m disappointed about that.
I try to be a devil’s advocate and think about all sides of this. So the promotion was being abused. People were literally doing dozens and dozens of transactions (not three). They were holding up lines (bad for other customers) and walking out of the stores paying only pennies for carts full of groceries. Albertsons is losing money on these transactions, every one of them, if they are walking out with FREE groceries and not doing other shopping in the stores. So do they STOP the whole program? Or just try and impose limits to combat the abuse?
If you live in the delivery area for the Tacoma News Tribune you can get the Sunday paper delivered for $1 a copy (minimum three copies) – so you are guaranteed at least three sets of doublers. I know it’s not ideal, but if you can’t live without your doublers, it might be your only option. Plus you’ll get your other coupon inserts. If you don’t live in the News Tribune delivery area, you can check with your local paper to see if they carry doublers and if they have a subscription promotion.
Albertsons WANTS to hear from you – The e-mail ended asking for feedback from me and my readers about how we might see couponing evolve at Albertsons.
Do you want to see exclusive coupons on Facebook? Are you finding value in our email savings program? Whatever feedback your readers give us is going straight to our interactive marketing team, and we’re really enthusiastic about trying new ways to share coupons.
Personally I’d love it if Albertsons would switch to automatic doubling, no clipping doubler paper coupons – but rather a doubler promotion set up like the Midwest and other areas of the states are lucky to have – where the register just doublers a certain number of coupons automatically. This way they could limit it based on shopper card and/or number per day. But then we wouldn’t need to “pay to save” which is what it has now become – and which I think is a serious bummer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Travel Sized Target Deals

Was at my local Target today getting more travel sized items for our travel trailer. I like to pack a very minimal amount when we go camping so if I keep a supply of travel sized items in the trailer, less I have to pack!

*All items are travel size*

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross first aid kit - .97/ea
$1/2 J&J Red Cross Product - 5/15 RP
$0.94 total or $0.47/ea

Degree Womens Deodorant - .97/ea
$0.75/1 Any Degree Deodorant - 5/22 RP
$0.22 total

Band-Aid brand Bandaids (10 count Hello Kitty) - .97/ea
$0.50/1 Neosporin or Band-Aid - 6/12 RP
$0.47 total

Stay tuned for more great travel sized stock ups!

Site Construction

Sorry for the lack of posts and lack of construction lately, life with a toddler & newborn got in the way! I will be doing major updating tomorrow (Saturday) and finish the site since I will be toddler free all day and night. :)

Check back in soon!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Head on over to the Downy website now & fill out the form to get $10 in coupons!!

It just worked for me! They said it would take 4-6wks for delivery. 

Also there are coupons available for OxiClean,
(only the $0.50/1 was working for me)

Jell-o Temptations 


Let me know if you find more!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What to do with all those coupons?!

No matter what stage your at in your coupon journey, beginner through an extreme couponer, you will always have expired coupons you didn't use or coupons you don't need. So what do you do with them??

Help our troops overseas!!

Our military members who are stationed overseas can use coupons for up to 6 months after they have expired! One of my FAVORITE blogs,  Living Paycheck 2 Paycheck, has adopted a base to give expired coupons to. Saving MoolaMindee has volunteered to take on the AMAZINGLY HUGE task of collecting, sorting and shipping. So if you have any expired/unwanted coupons please send them to:
*Mindee Rawson
21405 121st St. Ct. E.
Bonney Lake, WA.  98391
Here are the guidelines as to what is and is not accepted on the base:
  • Accepted: manufacturer’s coupons
  • Accepted: printable coupons
  • Not Accepted: manufacturer’s coupons for a Free item. Buy 1 Get 1 is ok.
  • Not Accepted: coupons only redeemable at a specific store (i.e., Target, Fred Meyers, etc)
  • Not Accepted: coupons that are more than 2 months past expiration date
  • Not Accepted: coupons for restaurants
  • Not Accepted: mail in rebate forms
**Before you send in your coupons, please sort them in food and non food groups. This will be a big time saver! Also please do not staple your coupons!**
In the month of May Living Paycheck 2 Paycheck collected was (are you ready for this) $13,987.35!!!! In the first month doing it!! Their goal for June is $20,000 - I'd love for all my Couponin' Mom readers to help reach this goal!!